"The network is not just a medium like the TV or the radio, it's the ultimate infrastructure for all of our lives and work"



Marketing is undertaken to reach a maximum number of people with minimal costs. When the Internet was still in its beginning, we were dependent on traditional media such as television, radio, flyers, billboards, newspapers, and magazines.



Today, the Internet is a lucrative place to promote shops & companies. The number of Internet users has increased enormously in recent years, so that almost every potential customer or interested people can be found on the Internet.



Online marketing is the sum of all marketing methods that uses digital technologies with electronic devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones to market and connect products, services and information to internal and external interest Groups.

The main motive of digital marketing is to win customers and empower them to interact with the company and the brand through the use of digital media. Digital marketing, unlike traditional marketing techniques, is more targeted, synergistic and measurable.


Online marketing is also referred to as internet marketing, web marketing or simply abbreviated to OLM.


It helps companies to reach millions of customers in the shortest possible time. For example, a well-optimized business website with a simple strategy would improve your website traffic, thereby increasing sales unbelievably and contributing to an ROI (return of investment).


Another highlight is customer communication with complex customer relationships on a variety of platforms.


First of all, digital marketing is timely, efficient and cheaper, and will soon replace expensive traditional marketing techniques with limited capabilities.



The goals of both marketing methods are the same: to encourage visitors to get a product, information or service, thereby increasing sales and profits.


Here are some differences at a glance:




Long range and strong branding effect, as non-internet affine targeted groups are also reached

High scattering loss depending on the medium used.

Ad placement rigid and steady

High investment

Exact performance measurement is very difficult to manage

Low possibilities for personalization

Hardly any dialogue possible




 Over 90% of internet users are reached


By personalizing the advertising relatively low scattering loss

Field of application variable

Possible with little cost

Exact tracking of all activities possible

Personalized customer approach

Interactive channels



Online Marketing offers you the opportunity to reach potential customers in the shortest possible time

It is cost effective and saves money compared to traditional marketing

High brand development and consistency

It enables you to be ahead of your competitors

You can systematically build your reputation

You achieve a lasting presence of your brand and your company

Your customers and prospects communicate with you and your company on a completely different level. They give you the opportunity to get feedback on what you can respond immediately

New customers are constantly visiting your website

You can convince your customers about your products and services before you get a conversation

Online Marketing provides measurable results in real time

Viral branding through social media​



Your online page, whether homepage or website, landing page, sales page, image page or opt-in page, is the core of any marketing strategy. In general, we speak of a homepage, so your company-site.



Your homepage should or must have certain features:



  • It should enable any connection to social networks, blogs, review portals, etc.

  • It should use tools and services for an extensive user experience. We use over 100 apps for many options and functionality.

  • It must be GDPR compliant (if you are in Europe).

  • It should be able to analyze users behavior.

  • It should be automated such as appointment bookings, e-mail shout outs, etc. 

  • It should offer communication options such as social networks, Skype, a chat function and others.



For best conversion results, a certain structure is required:


> Emotional area - Troubleshooting, Desire, Benefits.

> Rational area - solutions, factual arguments, evidence, references.

> Very important! A call to action (CTA). Tell your visitors what they should do.

> scarcity - Give the visitor a reason to follow the CTA NOW.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes website optimization activities in order to make them search engine friendly and thus better positioned in the search results.


SEO optimizations are made by certain factors such as suitable titles, keywords in the text, image descriptions, meta descriptions, website speed, links, and backlinks, etc.



SEO is work and time-consuming. But in the end, SEO offers FREE traffic to your website.



Worldwide, there are about 5.6 billion searches every day through Google-Search. That's equivalent to 65,000 queries per second.



Meanwhile, information, products, and services of all kinds are searched and found via search engines. Every company should be found through search engines like Google and Bing!

Other search engine areas are

  • SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which we deal with.

Social media marketing includes profiles of your brand and company on social networks.



These offer numerous opportunities to connect or stay connected with existing or potential customers, to present products and to show services and competencies.



They are one of the strongest tools in online marketing and offer not only communication but also interfaces to shops, e-commerce, and advertisements with extremely good targeting to avoid scattering loss.



Analyzes provide accurate data about users behavior of your visitors, so you can optimize the performance of your advertising.



Remarketing is a technique that allows you to "capture" visitors who visited your ad or page but did not run a CTA. Thus, no visitor gets lost.



Almost everyone can be found in any network. Those who do not use the social networks for themselves and their businesses will never reach their potential customers and, worse, leave them to the competition.


We use social networks such as

  • Facebook

  • Google+

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram and

  • YouTube

Probably the most successful strategy to convince a target audience to perform a CTA.


E-mail marketing is the cheapest and most efficient way to send information and links to your e-mail list.

E-mail sequences can be sent automatically to guests, customers, and interested audience. For this, we use autoresponder tools like



  • Klick-Tipp

  • Mailchimp

  • Activecampaign a.o.

The most important tool for funnel, content, traffic & conversion

Content marketing is a technique in online marketing which reaches the targeted audience with information, advice and entertainment.



It is very important to win customers and to bind them to the company. Content Marketing creates a trust for future purchases and contracts.



The best way to explain Content Marketing is through this quote from R. Rose:





"Traditional marketing is telling the world that you're a rock star.
Content marketing is about showing it to the world. "

E-commerce and online shops are trading platforms that allow visitors to buy goods and services. Shopping on the Internet is now very common.


Street Shops are well served if the same business could be found in digital. It increases the opportunity for more purchases.

We will be using the following e-commerce platforms:




Woo-Commerce und


iPage (WordPress)

Dear visitor, prospective customer & customer,


Online Business and Online Marketing are one of the greatest innovations of our time. It has had a dramatic impact on our lives, our behavior and our quality of life. Internet marketing is no longer a trend but rather a necessity on which all companies should be prepared.


Digital advertising and marketing is not an activity that is performed once, such as publishing an ad in the newspaper, it is a process and therefore time-consuming.



We take the time for each customer and project. That's necessary and good. Regardless of which goals are pursued with which strategies, it requires a set-up before the marketing - partly automated - can be set in motion. In addition, the demand for OM agencies is quite large. Therefore, there may be waiting times from the time you place your order. In any case, we will contact you and inform you about a schedule.



Sign up today, so we can start your online marketing soon!



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